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Skyline Chess

We are also delighted to also offer a bespoke design service. We will work with you to craft your own chess set based on any design or idea of your choice.

Ideal for both individual and corporate gifts, we are able to produce one-off sets or larger runs, depending on your requirement.


Our bespoke service is able to offer a range of different materials, including Bronze and different metals. We are also able to provide customised playing boards and packaging to include company logos & messages as required.

We have worked with a number of high profile companies and individual clients all over the world in the past to produce bespoke designs.

We also have a close partnership with Open House London and Open House New York, for whom we produce a set each year featuring some of their most popular buildings from the weekend and position them accordingly on the chess board.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your own bespoke or corporate design.

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