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The London Edition

In this set Pawns are terraced houses, Big Ben is the Rook, with the London Eye playing the Knight. 30 St Mary Axe is cast as the Bishop, and the Shard lends its elegance and might to the role of the Queen. Canary Wharf plays the King, and this piece stands at four and a half inches tall.

Finished in either classic black and white or metallic, our stunning sets are the perfect product for someone looking for a unique piece of British design.

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The New York Edition

In our New York set the Pawns are Brownstone Houses, The Guggenheim is The Rook, with the Flatiron Building playing the Knight. The Chrysler is cast as the Bishop, and the Empire State Building plays the most powerful piece on the board, the Queen. The recently finished Freedom Tower plays the King.

Each of our sets comes complete with a choice of playing board and a presentation box.

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Skyline Chess are proud to have our chess sets available to purchase in many prestiguous stores in London and online

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Skyline Chess have been featured in many on and offline publications, and have also been promoted on Tube and Train Station advertising campaigns