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Skyline Chess is a UK company founded by two London based architects, Chris Prosser and Ian Flood. Together we take iconic architecture from around the world and re-imagine it as pieces on a chessboard, allowing you to play with your favourite cities and pit them against each other.

The concept was first conceived when we shared a flat together and would play chess in the evenings. The idea grew out of a conversation about whether we could replace the classic pieces with our favourite buildings.

Our designs are available in several different materials, our classic black and white acrylic sets, and our new Premium Metal and Luxury Bronze editions. Our vision is to produce other major cities around the world, allowing the different skylines to be pitted against each other on the chess board.

We are also delighted to also offer a bespoke design service. We will work with you to craft your own personal set based on any design or idea of your choice.

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Our Stockists

Skyline Chess are proud to have our chess sets available to purchase in many prestiguous stores in London and online

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In The Press

Skyline Chess have been featured in many on and offline publications, and have also been promoted on Tube and Train Station advertising campaigns